Buy Medicine Ball Exercise Workout Posters Charts for Fitness for Your Home Gym and Vintage Charts Too

A home gym is not complete without two fantastic items – exercise posters and medicine balls. Medicine balls are simply much more than just “medicinal”, they are fantastic functional pieces of equipment. When used correctly, medicine balls are very effective for strengthening the core, upper body and lower body, they can provide a full body workout and offer the challenge of functional fitness-fitness for real life movements that you and I both need. Functional fitness is a favorite among personal trainers and athletic coaches because the movements are more than isolating muscles, they movements work multiple muscle groups. The biggest surprise for me was the versatility of the many movements. I always thought the medicine ball was mainly for the core – little did I realize the full spectrum of exercises-offering full body workout with this simple fitness tool. The medicine ball is a great resistance tool that can target tone all parts of the body. How to fully utilize this tool is the question. The answer is exercise posters. Medicine ball exercise posters provide a visual guide not just to remember the various movement and mixed up your routine but also to motivate you to perform the movements on a regular basis. The medicine ball exercise movements are relatively easy and can be done by men and women of all ages.

Medicine balls have evolved over the years. Yes, the original medicine balls looked medicinal and looked exactly like a ball. The advancements in varying the weight, varying the form have increased the functionality of this fantastic fitness tool.

The exercise posters for medicine balls vary greatly as do the medicine balls themselves. Journey with us as we explore the various posters and learn the different types of medicine balls, view the several videos that detail the exercise movements that this fitness tool can offer.
Medicine Ball Workout
Medicine Ball Squat
Medicine Ball Squat | Source
Types of Medicine Balls

Medicine balls originally were simply a a perfect circular ball – appearing very similar to the basketball. Nowadays, medicine balls offer the option of handles and are more oval than perfectly round. In addition to the form, the material can range from soft gel to the original leather to air filled.

Most medicine balls are not conducive to bouncing. The Xerball ® by SPRI is unique in that it also bounces in addition to adding resistance weight.

SPRI also makes an Xerball ® with handles and offers a convenient download poster that showcases the many exercises possible with the medicine ball.

I personally own two medicine balls – 12 and 18 lbs, air filled and with handles. The variety of the workout these two pieces of equipment give me is outstanding. Great for the core, exceptional for lunges, and numerous exercises are available readily for the arms, shoulders and upper body.
Medicine Ball Exercises Beyond Therapy

The exercises for the medicine ball are beyond therapy. Functional movements, movements that we need every day is really the mainstay of the medicine ball which explains why the therapy field has embraced this simple and yet sensational fitness tool.

The many exercise movements that the medicine ball offers makes it a favorite tools among personal and athletic trainers.
Take Your Exercise Program to The Next Level

Medicine balls, with or without handles, can take your exercise program to the next level. Challenge yourself and develop your fitness routine with multiple movements that utilize multiple weights.
Medicine Ball Stand

Often seen in elite health clubs, the vertical stand for the medicine ball conveniently places multiple medicine balls within reach.

Most medicine balls will be clearly marked with their weight right on the top of the ball. See the photos for various example.

Getting Medication Without Insurance

Medication Costs and Our Economy

Help Anita! I was just recently laid off from work and am taking some important medications that I can not afford. I can’t afford the COBRA plan either…its outrageous! Any ideas for me on how I can get my medicine? —Cancelled in Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,

Very good question now that so many are going through similar situations! Have no fear however, many companies are trying to help.

In today’s economy getting the prescription medication you need is becoming a big problem for those who do not carry health insurance or are on a limited budget.Have no fear however, here are a few options.

1. Be aware of the discount programs that many pharmacies are now offering. For example:

·Wal-Mart has a $4 generic program and 90 day prescriptions for $10 and a downloadable PDF list of which they discount.You can find it on the website under the pharmacy section.
·CVS has a program called CVS Health Savings Pass. It costs $15 annually to sign up and there are only certain medications allowed but the cost is only $11.99 for a 90 day supply of over 400 medications. It also allows you to save on things such as flu shots, test strips, and health screenings. More information is on their website under the pharmacy section.It is listed on the left column under Health Savings Pass .
·RiteAide has something called the RX Savings Card that gives you discounts on generic medications and you pay only $8.99 for a 30-day supply. The information is at under the pharmacy section. Scroll down until you see the box with Rx Savings Program.
·Walgreens has a prescriptions savings club also. Their 90 day supplies are $12 for generic and they boast over 8000 types of medications you can save on and $9.99 for a 30-day supply.You can find their information under the pharmacy section.Scroll down and find the Prescription Saving Club section.There they have a downloadable PDF of the medications they discount.

These are only four pharmacies but you can find out about any other by going to any pharmacy website and searching for discount programs. Though some are easier to locate than others you may be surprised to find your pharmacy has a plan no one suggested to you.

2. Ask questions at your pharmacy.When CVS realized that they didn’t have my particular generic brand they offered to send over the prescription for me if I could find a pharmacy that did. I know I could have done that myself but I appreciated that they offered.

3 .If your pharmacy doesn’t accept the generic brand you need contact the company that makes the drug. Many companies now have what they call “indigent programs” that will, if you qualify by income and/or situation, either give you the medication at a deep discount or sometimes even free.

You will need to fill out some forms and have your doctor fill in his portion and send in the information but most of them will keep you on the program for 1 year unless you don’t need it anymore. Some will ask you to verify your income, some will ask if they can contact you with consumer surveys later and some will ask you to pick your prescription up at the doctor’s office rather than a pharmacy; very small prices to pay in my opinion!

Here are the basic steps to doing this:

Find out who makes your medicine under the true name (before the generic version). If you don’t know just Google it. Likely the name you enter in Google will give you the name of the original also.
Google the name brand (if the site didn’t tell you already) and find out who the manufacturer is.
Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the forms or call the company and find out what you need to do. You can normally find the information to do this under the Contact Us at the bottom of the website.

I found it was easier to call and speak to a live person and then print off the forms (they’ll tell you exactly where so you won’t have to search everywhere) and that way I can ask questions if I have any. I also found out about a couple of other programs they had this way. For example, when I called, Pfizer asked me many questions and found the right program for me. They had several programs; one that would help with no income, one for low income and a savings card program that would let me get better prices on less than 90 day supplies. The card they would give me (in addition to the other programs) and it would help if, for example, I got ill and needed an antibiotic for a few days. Pfizer also said that they could connect me to a pharmacist online with their company to see if any of the other medications I take with other companies had a cousin in Pfizer.They also offered to get other phone numbers for companies I might need regarding the same programs. Very helpful!

4. It will take about 2 weeks to have everything in place for you to get your medicine since you must download the form (or have it sent), take it to your doctor, have him fill out his portion, mail it in and have it processed and mailed out to you so don’t delay getting it started. In the meantime talk to your doctor as you are asking them to fill out the forms to see if they have any samples you can have until it all goes through.

The long and short of it is don’t panic and do not go without your medicine! I lay in bed wheezing at night for 2 months during a layoff before I called on these programs. My asthma wasn’t something I should have thought I could just take care of myself. If you have no other options speak with your doctor about it. They may have other ideas not mentioned here.

Medicine Ball Exercises and Workouts

The use of a medicine ball for athletic training and general fitness dates as far back as ancient Egypt, where it was used by gladiators to train for battle. Women in the ancient Roman mosaic dubbed “bikini girls” are seen in the act of training with medicine balls both large and small.

In more recent history medicine ball exercises and games were used to keep former President Hoover in shape on the White House lawn. These versatile orbs are making a modern comeback as well, showing up in the training programs of collegiate and professional sports teams alike.

This is not surprising, since all movement originates from the core and medicine ball core workouts are applauded by coaches like Istvan Javorek and Ken Croner. Both coaches implement this weighted ball into their athlete’s training programs to enhance power output and create explosive reactivity. But anyone can benefit from a medicine ball workout, and the enhanced reaction time, endurance and coordination that goes along with it.

Try these workouts to get a feel for why this unassuming piece of exercise equipment is so revered. Just be sure to get a thorough warm-up first. As a general rule, stop the set when you slow down or the form becomes compromised.

When it comes to buying a medicine ball, start lighter. Maintaining good form and executing the movement with speed is more important than how heavy the ball is.

Everlast 6503 Leather Medicine Ball (11-12 lbs.)
Everlast 6503 Leather Medicine Ball (11-12 lbs.)
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Danskin 10 -Pound Weighted Toning Ball
Danskin 10 -Pound Weighted Toning Ball
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TKO 509RMB Rubberized Medicine Ball 8 lbs
TKO 509RMB Rubberized Medicine Ball 8 lbs
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Everlast PowerCore 9 lbs. Medicine Ball
Everlast PowerCore 9 lbs. Medicine Ball
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Side throw against wall or to partner
Side throw against wall or to partner | Source
Jump squat with press
Jump squat with press | Source
Diagonal to each side and straight up
Diagonal to each side and straight up | Source

This is a medicine ball ab workout you can perform with or without a partner. Perform each set 2-3 times. Increase the intensity by throwing/ moving faster.

1.) Start in the standing position with the ball in front of you, arms extended at chest level.

Bend the knees slightly as you rotate to one side and throw the ball forcefully to your partner or against the wall. Although the knees are bending slightly, the power is generated from the turn of the hips. Catch the ball and immediately repeat. Do 5-8 times or until the speed of the throw slows down.

*If you do not have a rubberized ball, this exercise can be performed without the throw. Explode to one side and hold on tight!

2.) 3 way overhead extension: Start in the standing position, ball in both hands in front of you. Squat straight down and drive straight up, allowing the arms to fly up fully extended. Resist the momentum as the ball goes overhead and ‘throw’ it back down between your legs.

Do the same to the left, then the right. As you throw your extended arms up to one side, the downward motion should feel a bit like bringing a sledgehammer down. Repeat 5-8 times or until the movement slows.

3.) Jump Squat with Press:

Hold the ball at chest level with both hands. Squat down and jump up, pressing the ball up explosively at the same time. Keep the repetitions continuous, catching yourself in the squat and immediately propelling the body upward. Repeat 10-12 times or until the movement slows down.

*This can be performed with a partner by releasing the ball at the apex of the press. The partner catches it and drops into a squat, reversing the motion as soon as they are at the bottom.

Have fun with these exercises and don’t be afraid to get creative. Remember, the benefits of medicine balls are in the way they can provide resistance through an exact movement. If it gets too heavy, the speed slows down and the training benefits are reduced.

Always warm up thoroughly before starting these exercises. Incorporating medicine balls into your training 2 or 3 times a week will provide dramatic results while complementing your current sport or activity.

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Christian Dior Company History

Christian Dior was born in France on January 21st, 1905, and was a man famous for his inspiriation. Coming from a family which dealt with processing chemicals along with fertilizers, he streamed right in the opposite path but quite effectively making a identify for himself within the fashion fraternity that conferred him a lot of accolades in favor of his imaginative approach of dealing with clothes. He was a master of his trade leaving no loose ends to complain about. Despite the fact that his style was unlike from the normal, it was this individuality that gave him an impetus to make his designs viable on a global basis. He had brought with his designs a revolution in women’s clothing once again making Paris as a centre of the fashion trade.

Christian Dior was an influential style designer and the originator of the Doir Empire. He attended the École des Sciences Politiques to fulfill his parent’s requests. Though his family wished that he would develop into a diplomat, much to their amazement their son was more fascinated in art rather than being a diplomat. To make money he used to sell his fashion drawings at 10 cents apiece. He opened a small art gallery in 1928 from the money he received from his father. But due to the family’s financial disaster he was required to shut his gallery and worked along side Robert Piguet who afterward joined the fashion house where he and Pierre Balmain were the main designers. In 1945 he went into production for himself, backed by Marcel Boussac, the cotton-fabric industrialist. He opened his own fashion house in 1946 and presented his initial collection by the name “Corolle” which popularly acquired the name New Look. Known for the sensual appearance given to his clothes, he was a master in making shapes and silhouettes. He died on 23rd October, 1957.
Following his initial design, which had by now ensured his position in the international forum of fashion, his consequential concepts also made a considerable impression on the ramp. The H-line in 1954 and the A-line in 1955 grew to become as well-liked as the original one and people began to look upto him as a person of inspiration. The company expanded not only in terms of stores but also ventured into new forums. Following his decease his business was handled by his grand daughter who made the company accomplish new heights. Some of the awards received by the company include:
Neiman Marcus award, Dallas in 1947
Remise de la legion d’honneur a Christian Dior in 1950
Parsons School of Design Distinguished Achievement award, New York in 1956
Fashion Industry Foundation award, to the House of Dior, New York in 1990.
The brand which in the beginning excelled in apparels extended its shores to ready-to-wear, leather goods, footwear, watches, fragrances, make up, ties and supplementary accessories. The brand also comprises of Baby Dior products. The Dior custom of dealing with exquisite fabrics led to the creation of intercontinental merchandising labels for gloves, furs, as well as jewellery. Dior flagship boutiques are open in Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, Seoul, Madrid, Miami, Barcelona, New Delhi, and Shanghai.

Jogging Strollers Are Ideal For Parents On The Move

Every new parent needs to have some type of baby stroller to enable them to get out and about with baby, without having to carry the infant. There are a number of different types of strollers that new parents can choose from and one of the more popular models is the jogging stroller. Jogging strollers are quite a bit different than the traditional strollers in several ways.

Jogger strollers refer to the kind of baby strollers that are built with three wheels instead of four, which is the configuration found on standard types of infant strollers. These baby jogger strollers are designed specifically for parents who are very active and who typically engage in outdoor activities, such as jogging, running, fitness walking, or simply walking quickly in order to take care of the many tasks of the day.

Jogging strollers can be used for a variety of situations, from moving across uneven terrain like hiking and walking trains, or flat surfaces like jogging tracks, or just for easy maneuverability when winding your way through busy sidewalks or a swarming shopping mall. Baby jogger stroller models have different sizes and types of wheels that are each designed for more of the indoor or flat surface uses, while other models are equipped specifically to deal with any kind of terrain or surface.

There are a number of different considerations to take into account when shopping for a jogging stroller. The first thing to consider is how the stroller will be used, for the most part. Will it primarily be used while running or while walking? Or, will it be used equally for both types of activities? Will you regularly be taking the baby in the stroller out to the park and on hiking trails where the terrain is uneven and rough?

For parents who are avid runners and like to get out into nature on off-road pathways, they should be looking at a jogging stroller with larger wheels. The ideal size of wheels for these uses is 20 inches. This size of the wheels on the baby jogger will give the stroller, and the baby inside, a much smoother ride when going over uneven or bumpy surfaces, and will help to maneuver over curbs and such.

If you expect to primarily be doing light jogging or walking for health and fitness, then the 16-inch wheel is probably a good choice. This size will provide good baby jogger performance, and while it can still be used for outdoor activities such as running, walking or hiking, it also performs well in other situations, such as shopping and maneuvering around stores.

If the parents will mostly be using the stroller for light walking, such as shopping, then a jogging stroller with a 12-inch wheel size is probably the best choice. This small wheel size enables the jogger to move around obstacles more nimbly, which can be particularly important for wending your way through stores with narrow aisles.

There are many additional features that you might want check for when looking at jogging strollers. Families that expect to use the stroller on bumpy trails or unpaved roads should be sure to get a baby stroller that is equipped with a brake. You should also check to make sure that the safety straps and harness will secure the baby in the stroller safely.

Helping You Decide When To Give A Gift Basket

he idea of sending someone a gift basket is not necessarily a new idea, it has just been expanded upon. In the Old Testament Moses’ mother placed him in a wicker basket and hid him among the reeds in the water in hopes that a wealthy family would find him and take him in. The pagan goddess, Eostre, carried young plants in a basket to offer as a sacred sacrifice.

One of the most appealing things about baskets as gifts is that they are useful as well. You can present your gift in the basket, but it can also be used later by the person you gave the present to. There are many different ways that you can use baskets as gifts for everyone on your list.

They are perfect if you need a corporate gift, baby gift baskets, a wine gift basket or a gift basket for Christmas. You can fill them with everything from flowers to food.

If you have a particular present giving need, such as a friend’s house warming, then a gift basket can be perfect. You can always include a nice bottle of wine in the basket, along with different types of cheeses and crackers. If they have kids, then you could include a bottle of sparkling grape juice so they don’t feel left out.

You may want to include a do-it-yourself home repair book, as it may come in handy. If they have a sense of humor, include the names and phone numbers of some handymen around town.

Of course, there are many different items that you can use when putting together one as a present. Food gift baskets are very popular and can be filled with different types of food, including fruits, candy, cheeses etc.

You can even go an extra mile and make it a gourmet food gift basket. No matter what you decide to fill it with, it will be appreciated as they will know you took the time to add your own personal touch.

Sometimes, how you present the gift is as important as the present itself, which is one reason why a gift basket is such a great present. The fact that you took the time and thought to put it together will mean a lot to the one you are giving it to. For example, if you need a great idea for a baby gift, then you may want to consider putting a basket together.

Get a wicker one and line it with a soft blanket or you can line it with a couple of those hooded towels for bath time and perhaps add a few soft baby wash cloths. You can then add some baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion and baby powder, little baby socks and a few sleepers and some diapers, and perhaps a bath time toy. It will be appreciated.

Common Reseller Baby Products

Selling baby items wholesale can be a great way to make money from a stable and constantly growing market. But in order to fully benefit from this market of customers it is important to know what to sell and what is popular so that you can fight off the competition that you may have with reseller baby products. Making sure that you have a few items, or a few different types of items, can be crucial to your success as a resale business. Here are a few different categories of products that are very popular with successful baby boutiques.

Believe it or not, one of the most popular resale baby products is the shoe. Baby shoes are growing in popularity and the amount of design that can go into these tiny little soles is just astonishing. New moms all over are making sure that their babies’ are as stylish and trendy as possible with the endless selection of shoes. There are so many options now for baby shoes. Manufacturers make everything from flip-flops to Converse All-Stars for these tiny customers. There are even baby shoe boutiques strictly dedicated to the fancy footwear for babies. Buying baby shoes, as baby items wholesale will make your resale business a popular success.

Another type of reseller baby product that is really important is general apparel. Clothes, just like shoes, are incredibly popular for babies, and are now starting to come in super stylish designs and even with very high-end designer labels such as Burberry and Ralph Lauren. And apparel covers all things clothing from shirts to socks, and even cute little baby suits for newborns. Even some of these designer brands are available as wholesale baby items so that resale of them is easy. Apparel seems like a no-brainer when it comes to the type of products one should resell because it is readily available and something that all babies need not only to look great but also to cover up or keep at an ideal temperature.

It is also important in many cases to tap into the world of reseller baby product accessories. Accessories for babies can be considered to be more popular in some cases than the accessories that adults buy and wear. Hats, jewelry, toys, functional clothing, and so much more fall under this category. Because many of these items are not exactly necessary for a baby to have or wear, it is important that these can be offered as baby items wholesale, so that their mark-up is quite low and their prices can stay down. Mother’s love to spoil their children, and this is one category of baby products that makes it possible for them to do so.

Baby items wholesale is a great way for baby product resellers to stock up their boutiques and stores with the products that new mothers and families want. By having an assortment of shoes, apparel, and accessories, your store is bound to be the talk of the town and blow any competition out of the water.

As a baby products reseller, there are many must have products that you should buy as baby items wholesale for your boutique or store.

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Purchase Exclusive Wholesale Baby Products for Greater Profit

Long gone are the days of boring baby products with generic alphabet letters and teddy bears on them. The newest generation of babies and toddlers are sporting t-shirts with snarky references, showing off their burgeoning fashion sensibility in couture label clothes and shoes, cruising town in ergonomically designed strollers and slings, avoiding germs while sitting comfortably in restaurant seats and grocery store carts, and so much more. If you currently own or are opening a baby or children’s store, finding unique baby products wholesale, such as parenting products, toys, clothes, and other baby essentials, should be at the top of your priority list.

While finding unique baby products wholesale might be a little trickier, small brick-and-mortar boutiques and online specialty stores are actually at an advantage in this area. Customers interested in items such as organic baby clothes, round, hand-crafted cribs, ergonomic strollers designed to last children from their infancy to toddler years, designer children’s clothes, and similar items typically turn to specialty stores for these types of products.

Luckily, finding these unique baby products might not be as difficult as it seems. A simple online search for the term “wholesale baby products” yields countless results. Plus, if you are overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by these results, try adding a specific brand name to your search to see if the results are better. Search through these online distributor sites to see if you can find anything that fits your target customers’ tastes. Trade shows are another great outlet for finding unique baby products wholesale. Manufacturers are eager to show off their creative, inventive, or high-quality items designed to make parents lives easier or the envy of everyone at play groups. Also, check trade catalogs and parenting magazines for ideas.

Once you have determined the item (or items) that you would like to stock, now it is time to find the items on wholesale. Buying wholesale simply means that you are purchasing the baby products at a discounted rate because you are buying them in bulk from the manufacturer or distributor. Purchasing wholesale baby products also gives you the right to charge retail customers a higher rate for the item and ultimately receive a profit.

When negotiating rates with a manufacturer or a distributor for unique baby products wholesale, there are multiple factors to take into consideration. For example, is the wholesale price competitive? Will you receive additional discounts if you buy more products? What are the shipping rates and times? If customers can place orders online or via phone, will the manufacturer drop ship? If so, how long does that take? Considering these questions and others will help you ensure that you are getting the best wholesale price for your needs, which will result in a nice profit margin.

Many parents, grandparents, and other customers shopping for baby products want to make sure that they are purchasing the best items to help your baby start his or her life off on the right track-and maybe with a little flair. If your store provides these products and that experience, the extra effort required to procure unique products on wholesale will pay off in customer satisfaction and profit.

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Choose The Best Product For Your Baby’s Gift Hamper

Online baby stores give you an opportunity to make your joyous moments more enjoyable. You can easily share your emotions and let the family know about your excitement for the baby through baby gift hampers. Along with the baby comes various responsibility and expenses, here you can help your family or friends by offering them those baby products in the form of gifts. Babies are delicate and all you would want to do is choose the right products for them. Online shopping is the latest trend and you can now find all the baby products quite easily. From clothes to baby care products everything is available and you need not to worry about their quality. Online stores offer you their best services, just select the products online, make the payment and you get everything right at you doorstep.

Products Available for Gifting

Your gift hamper should have all the necessary things but it should be economic for you as well and online baby stores offer you the most reasonable prices. Few products that are quite common and have to be a part of your hamper are rugs, blankets, bibs, feedings, baby grooming kit, soft toys, pram and definitely clothes. Various designs for all the products are available on the site, just choose what you like the most. You can get it gift packed else the best option could be to make a baby bag which would make it easier for the family to carry it if they travel with the baby. You can find different gift options for baby boys and baby girls else a unisex gift hamper is also available. Depending on your needs you can choose the products otherwise it is even more convenient to get it custom made.

Make the Precise Choice

There are so many options available on the internet and numerous baby products to choose from. Make sure that all the products you choose are according to their age and can be brought in use by the parents of the baby. Buy clothes that are comfortable and soft for the delicate new born. All shapes, sizes and latest models of clothes and toys are there in the online store so choose accordingly. Buying gifts for babies is so much fun but it involves responsibility as well. You just cannot pick anything or everything.You can get it gift packed else the best option could be to make a baby bag which would make it easier for the family to carry it if they travel with the baby. You can find different gift options for baby boys and baby girls else a unisex gift hamper is also available. Depending on your needs you can choose the products otherwise it is even more convenient to get it custom made. Online stores guarantee to offer the best but your choice does mean a lot. Online shopping is the latest trend and you can now find all the baby products quite easily. From clothes to baby care products everything is available and you need not to worry about their quality. Online stores offer you their best services, just select the products online, make the payment and you get everything right at you doorstep.

Baby Showers With A Theme Make Party And Gift Giving Simple

Many moms-to-be have gift registries galore. Many well-meaning friends and relatives dutifully check the registry and then ponder, What, exactly, should I get?”

One way to help these thoughtful friends is to have a shower with a theme. These can be fun, frivolous or downright practical. Here are some ideas that take a simple baby shower and turn it into a special and stress-free event for everyone.

Tea Party: This idea, particularly appropriate for offices, involves little more than making tea and small snacks. Reserve the office kitchen and depending upon where you live and the time of year, make two or three varieties of hot or iced tea, serve traditional tea cakes and cookies and place several heirloom teapots and teacups on the table as decoration. Ask one person to collect money for gifts: For a parent who knows a little girl is on the way, one of those gifts should be a treasured child’s tea set — silver or porcelain to mark the occasion. For mom and dad, purchase a pre-made tea gift basket from a gourmet food store or make up something similar for a special night out” at home. For baby, get gift cards for the perfect baby tea” infant formula. This narrows the shopping to just two or three stores and makes it easy for busy employees to drop in for just 10 minutes (no lengthy opening of gifts).

Pajama Party: The baby’s bedroom needs lots of attention. While the list of must-haves includes very practical crib bumpers, baby sleepers, nightlights and mobiles, be sure to include at least one luxurious bedroom-perfect gift such as a fabulous fur” blanket, an heirloom-style quilt or snuggly fleece sheets and blankets. For party guests, make hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies, put out a selection of classic bedtime books (Dr. Seuss is a good choice) to read and recall fondly, and, if yours is a chummy group of women, get an oldie but goodie chick flick (such as Grease or Dirty Dancing) to watch together.

Daddy’s Little Girl: Sure it’s a girl? Inviting couples to the shower? Let Daddy know everyone’s thinking about him and his precious baby. Decorations might include photos of mom-to-be when she was a girl, placed in fanciful frames (now gifts for the new baby), maybe a spunky outfit for the new princess, and certainly a girl’s most cherished gift her first pearl necklace or bracelet to wear on joyous occasions, such as her christening, first trip to Daddy’s office and first trip to see Daddy’s family. For a co-ed” shower, provide food that’s a little more filling such as mini-roast beef sandwiches, chips and brownies but avoid food that’s highly seasoned (out of respect mom).